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Spider Wars

A beautiful picture book about quirky spiders; one famous for dancing and the other famous for eyeshine. Think West Side Story meets Star Wars and has a Bugs Life!

Peacock Spiders have attained YouTube fame - look out for their dazzling dancing. Wolf Spiders live buried in every garden. Shine a torch among the grass at night to see their 8 eyes shining like diamonds in the darkness.

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The Wolf Spiders and the Peacock Spiders live on different sides of the Paddock. But they all thing the other side is better. Spider gangs were forever fighting over Middle Ground Hill, the only way to the other side. Until...

A dazzling dancing Peacock Spider falls for an oh-so-pretty Wolf Spider. Banned from seeing each other, brave Sparklemuffin risks everything to rescue Wolf Mother. But the sweethearts discover that life on the other side of the Paddock might not be so good after all. 

This humorous, action-packed tale comes with a twist and has a fact-filled information section on Wolf Spiders and Australia's famous tiny dancing Peacock Spiders.


Illustrator: Nandina Vines

Publisher: Wilkinson Publishing

ISBN: 9781922810236

First published: February 2024

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