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Combat Wombat to the Rescue

‘Womba-rumbaaaa! I’m Combat Wombat, Wildlife Warrior of the Bush!’

With courage, determination and sheer wombat power, Combat Wombat leads his bush buddies to safety in a race to escape a raging bushfire. Is he strong enough and clever enough to overcome all obstacles?

As well as showcasing Australia’s unique wildlife, this story provides an opportunity to engage with young children on bushfires in a gentle, nature-based way. It also highlights the positive benefits of facing your fears, leadership and cooperating in a team effort – all aspects that help build resilience.

Combat Wombat to the Rescue
The Art of Combat Wombat to the Rescue:
Bingo Dingo
The Art of Combat Wombat to the Rescue:
Toey Joey

Illustrator: Tiffanee Daley

Publisher: Ford Street Publishing

ISBN: 9781925804560

First published: October 2020

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