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Amazing Animals of Australia’s National Parks

Amazing Animals of Australia’s National Parks

With its enticing and colourful design and its fascinating information, this is a book that children will want to pour over—either at home, in the classroom or on a road trip. It brings together 55 national parks, selected across all Australian states and territories, and over 120 animals. It’s divided into seven sections according to habitat (woodlands and grasslands; forests; rainforests; arid zones; mountains; wetlands and waterways; coasts, oceans and islands), each including a number of national parks and a selection of the fish, reptiles, frogs, birds and mammals that inhabit them. At the end of the book is a section on ‘little critters’—insects and spiders.


In 2017, Amazing Animal of Australia’s National Parks won the Children’s Book Council of Australia 2017 Eve Pownall Award for Information Books, the Royal Zoological Society of NSW, Whitley Young Naturalist Award and the ACT Writing and Publishing Award Children’s Book of the Year. Comprehensive Teacher Notes are available.

Publication Date:   October 2016

Publisher:  National Library of Australia

ISBN: 9780642278883

Pages:   164

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